Sister Spotlight!

Meet Zainab Abbas.

Zainab Abbas is the owner and founder of SciTech2U Inc.Thank you Sister Zainab for taking time to complete this interview.

Q. Please describe your company for our readers.

A. We provide underrepresented, K-12 students access to quality, innovative STEAM education using experiential learning meant to engage and enrich their passion for STEAM.

Q. What made you decide to go into this line of work?

All too often, too many youth in our communities have encountered systemic racism that stifles their upward mobility, and in some cases, cost them their lives. One of the most pivotal solutions to addressing these challenges is to offer Black and Brown youth access to high-quality educational programs the likes of their White counterparts. I am committed to playing my part in leveling the playing field by producing high-quality STEAM programs.

I will never forget the day when I witnessed the heart wrenching moment my best student, who was African American, was taken away in handcuffs right out of my classroom where I taught biotechnology at a local college. I recall feeling helpless and an overwhelming sense of concern for this promising young Black man. Shortly after that experience, I founded SciTech2U to inspire young Black and Brown youth who are at risk of academic impoverishment to exciting ways of learning STEAM subjects.

Now more than ever, when teaching and learning are being challenged by the pandemic, Black and Brown youth and their families need us and programs like ours for support. Their parents will be challenged during the upcoming academic school year in making the transition from in-school learning to a virtual environment.

We want to ensure that all parents can afford to provide enriching, hands-on STEAM learning experiences for their children.

Q. What is unique in your approach?

We give our students a wet lab experience. They practice lab safety rules, our students work in a professional scientific notebook and our students are taught by scientists.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone going into this business?

A. Be patient, do not give up, reach out to local resources, make connections with similar organizations and strengthen your board (of directors).

Q. This blog is dedicated to mothers. How would you describe your work/life balance?

A. It is a tall task to do both. Stay organized and delegate responsibilities to your children. Involve them in the work you do, they will be more understanding and one of your biggest cheerleaders.

Q. What role does your Islam play (if any) in your business?

A. Dua (prayer). Any success that I achieve is from Allah. Allah makes the way. Dua, dua, dua , patience and steadfastness.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with this audience. How can we find more information about your organization?

Please visit our website website,YouTube channel is and Facebook page is

Zainab Abbas, it has truly been a pleasure to meet you. We pray that Allah will bless you to be successful in all of your efforts, Ameen.