Dua to Allah

Islam in the Internet age! I found this fascinating, troubling, exciting and amazing all at the same time! I discovered a new website. http://www.duatoallah.com. This website allows you to post your du’a online anonymously. Then others can view your dua and make dua for you or just add their ameen. (Du’a is a short informal prayer to Allah asking for His assistance.)

     The site claims to have had over 2000 du’a posted. I found this fascinating because, “wow,” the concept of entering your du’a online, posted publicly for Muslims around the world to see and ameen was just an idea that had never crossed my mind. I found it disturbing because on some level isn’t it de-personalizing your request? When a du’a is made sincerely and wholeheartedly it is such a personal moment between you and Allah that you can actually feel it in your heart. You feel that personal connection to the Almighty; who you are going to directly with your request. Is it the same when you enter it online? And should it be?

     I must admit that it is exciting. The thought that 100 or 1,000 or even 2,000 others may read your request and also request on your behalf is exciting. I have a mother who is suffering from cancer. So if I du’a that Allah help her in her situation and then around the world 2000 other join in my du’a that is an exciting possibility. Especially if you believe as I do in the power that sincere dua’s can have. And that is an amazing possibility.

     Is it a bidah? Is it depersonalizing something that should be personal? I mean let’s face it, if you ask your family, friends or even your community at your local masjid to pray for you it is still personal. But to post it online is to lose that closeness. I, like most of you have prayed for Muslims in other countries, Muslims that I have never met and don’t know. But it is still that I was personally moved by their tragedy, not because I read it on a website. But this is amazing Islam in the age of the Internet. Amazing.



  1. Assalamualaikum sister,

    JazakAllah khair for the nice post.

    InshaAllah, please check out our website for Islamic parenting materials ranging from free worksheets/games for children to parenting e-books.


  2. Ya allah restore my marriage ya allah n give me justice ya allah i hv always lost and beaten in life for trusting in you ya allah give me justice ya allah

  3. Ya allah my life on earth is misreble in justice ya allah i depened on you ya allah n i lost everything ya allah in yr trust and in yr fear ya allah u hv the powers ya allah u know whats best for me.

  4. Ya allah i want to be with my wife and children ya allah bring me back my family ya allah .ya allah as i go to sleep ya allah let me know that my family wil come back ya allah have mercy on me ya allah and let my have my family back with yr wil and powerr ya allah.

    • MASHALLAH my brother your not alone im with you in this dua may ALLAH(SWT) have mercy on you and your happiness can make my dua come true for me aswel my brother im crying for my wife and children its the end times we need to keep on praying to ALLAH AZWAJAL never let your imaan go even for the sake of your children they are a test you pass today ALLAH(SWT) will reward you in jannat never loose your imaan for no one.

  5. Dear Muslim Brothers/sisters
    Please pray for me
    Ya Allah Pak I want long life [with happiness, with Aaffiyat and Barkat, with happiness]
    Or Allah, I want longevity, [For me and All Muslims]
    Or Allah Please Give me Your True Love and Prophet[saw]’s true love.
    1.[Our Lord! Grant us good in this world and good in the life to come and keep us safe from the torment of the Fire]
    2.Our Lord! Perfect our light for us and forgive us our sins, for verily You have power over all things


  6. Dear Muslim Brothers/sisters
    Please pray for me
    Ya Allah Pak I want long life [with happiness, with Aaffiyat and Barkat, with happiness]
    YA Allah, I want a long life with comfort and aafiyat in life [For me and All Muslims]
    YA Allah Please Give me Your True Love and Prophet[saw]’s true love.
    1.[Our Lord! Grant us good in this world and good in the life to come and keep us safe from the torment of the Fire]
    2.Our Lord! Perfect our light for us and forgive us our sins, for verily You have power over all things


  7. salamo alaykom

    i have mi wife that left from her home in arlington texas with ower 4 cildren
    accuse that i was abuser .with out leaving note or any solution to fix this matter
    i did contact her using text messaging
    i did showed her that if u woold like will go to imam or specialist
    to solf the matter
    but no answer towers that
    as far as i know she sayed that she is in woman shelther
    and mi kids are in muslim shool
    i some caes she manshin virginia and some other in n.j
    nut here i am been trying to seek for help
    and not knowing where mi famillie at
    but i know this.if i was wrong or scarry husben to mi wife.there is no reason to get information from one parent
    i coold b wrrong or she coold b wrrong
    and allah made us not to b perfect
    there for is you have some information about mi wife
    name jessica villalobos
    mi step son dimitri villalobos he goes by hassan billalobos
    leila jamal
    ibrahim jamal
    jabeer jamal kanouni
    please contact me at this number
    isalamo alaykom

  8. salam walaikum

    in the name of ALLAH THE MOST KIND
    please make dua to ALLAH to help me in my life , getting married to abd—, even my parents are against us,i am 25 yrs old and extremely ALLAH fearing and humble, ALLAH always helps us, but plz make dua for me

  9. salamo alaykom to all muslims,i was in sheked betwin me and allah thank god i find mi self way back from education hey list i find out lol
    also i did have lot of faith until now i feel like havin more but its always going to b competation betwin muslims like wi all trying to get that gold c wheos faster and whoe knows better
    talkin about haven after death after meetin with god
    and that competetion is
    wen the brother and sister show the way and teatch if they know how to do the trik
    means deen i tink works like polatic if if u cant fit it
    get out from it and yes stil go to pray and stuf
    but makin point like hey spel rite or just pray to allah and thats it
    i mad this cuse i was lookin for familli i was woorie about
    and i tink in islamic tradition is
    tie the camel and say tawakalto ala allah
    i tink that was close to wat i did i asked and tawakalt ala llah
    mi name sayes it all muslim born muslim
    there for helpin
    i tink shoold b don rite
    planty muslim ived watshed in islam web
    i say subhanallah smilin happy and sad subhanallah to alll of the listin from some guys and ladie makin clear point and good way to help
    and some i pray for hidaya maybe wi get that palestine that i love to more then mi famillie i hope wi get it back if wi just stop the non sens
    and make it clear english and try to help if not watsh like i do lesson like i did but dont get in if u cant
    thats mi storie comes from mi head i hope wi learn more everyday
    for good ways to b bigergood muslim incha allah
    jazakallaho khayr for the prayers
    cuse yes thats one way and doing is another way
    wi here to do both always with me and all muslim incha allah

  10. i did wok on mi dua to mi famillie and to all muslims specially ayub hassan he mad me tink am in the same position
    but good news i got me protection order from a wife that she stil claimed me stukin her and abusin the relation
    thats part of temtation
    and a test that muslim gets everyday to shek your iman
    but all muslim dont give up on doing the right tibg by dua
    and by doing good work for allah familli and comunity
    cuse am happy to c the judge on the 20 of april
    cuse if conflect never got fix from one party
    then it will never get fixed
    untel dua been mad and finally judge bee the reason to get to end



  12. Allah please make me go back to normal. Please clear my mind of all negative thoughts making me think that I’m going crazy. Please cure my anxiety and assure me that everything will be ok

  13. Ya allah pls forgive me the one I love so dearly and have intons to marry isn’t even forgive me once why I did all I could to make things right I asked forgiveness and apologize all the wring I did i got his parents gifts even after when we wereby toget her i did all I could my dad went to go meet his parents and went out and spend time with his parents with respect and his brother talkyd to my brother nicely and my dad his parents are send med for him and having my dad to mail the med but he can’t forgive me and say it’s okay make things good between us what can I do more to make this better show me a sign what should I do allah help me pls brothers and sisters help me i am 30 old no one is want to be with me and matry to me i do all i could for charity and everything I just want to settyl down ANd get married allah help am I real that ugly fat bad of a person no one wants to be with me allah pls make my duas come true ameen ameen ameen ameen ameen ameen ameen ameen ameen

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