discount circus tix and more

As-Salaamu-Alaikum (peace be with you)

al-Hamdulilah! (Thanks and praise to God) I found this discount code while looking for discounts for Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey circus and it worked at ticket master. There were three codes listed for the circus they were “zxa”, “fun” and “circus”. I used the “zxa” code and reduced the price of floor seat matinee tix from $20 to 16.00!!! We are going on a Thursday at 10:30 am (YIKES) but GREAT PRICE.

For those keeping up with my summer clothes woes, (see previous entries), I found, I was really impressed with their selection of tunics. But what impressed me most is that every item is customizable so you can make the short sleeves long, the low cut shirt into a scoop neck and the hip length top longer to thigh length. The only drawback is you can’t change the color or material pattern but with so many colors to choose from you will surely find at least one item worth customizing. Average price was $34.00



  1. Wow just received an e-mail for e-shakti, they are no longer offering free customization! (DRAT) I wondered how they could charge the same price for a cropped sleeveless tunic as they do for a thigh length long sleeve tunic. Well they have finally added on a customization fee. (Max fee is 10.00) The fee is minimal but I am glad that I ordered while all customization was free.


  2. Hello, I just found your blog because of my own “Summer clothes woes”. I discovered last Summer that I am allergic to the sun, and even without the requirement for loose clothing, it is extremely difficult to find tops the cover arms and chest that are of a Summer fabric weight (at least if you want something other than a plain long-sleeved t-shirt that only comes in five colours). I do know how to sew, but even then I don’t like a lot of the patterns out there, and often you just want to be able to go into a store and walk out with something you can put on immediately…. My sympathies, and thank you for all of your research/links.


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