Summer clothes for my daughter

As-Salaamu-Alaikum, (Peace be with you)

I find that I am also experiencing the same difficulty (see previous post) finding modest clothes for my daughter. Although she is only four and doesn’t have the same modesty requirements as I do… I find the “daisy duke” shorts they were selling for her age group to be completely inappropriate! Everyday we hear more stories of little girls being molested and raped. Yet we allow, encourage and accept as cute, the sexualization of girls through their clothes. In my daughters size I found, “daisy dukes”, halters, bare midriff shirts and low-rise pants. Low risers on a four year old!!! What does a four year old need with low-risers?!! Mini skirt after mini skirt with no shorts sewn in. We all know that at four, they would need help keeping their legs clothes and not exposing their underwear so who would purchase or even make such items for such young girls?

SubhanAllah! Why do we allow such things. I would say we should not financially support stores that sell such items but then there would be no where left to shop because they basically all do. But at least when you see a modest item at a reasonable price, please purchase it. It will send the message to the store owners that this is what mothers are looking for. And spread the word when you hear of a store or a designer that offers modest clothes, so that we can all support them. We also need to request that our Muslim stores carry more items for children. Because although they are not required to dress modestly we should at least begin encouraging it as young as possible.



  1. I found your blog through your comment on the Frugal Abundance blog. 🙂

    May I suggest this business for some modest summer clothing: It is run by an older mother and her daughters. I hope this helps your dilemma.

    You have a beautiful start to your website.



  2. I have the same problem. I don’t have a daughter of my own yet, but my young sister is going to be staying with me for a few months and it’s amazing how few stores offer clothing that covers.


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