Welcome to Mommy Muslim! Every mother knows that raising children can be exhilarating, exhausting, challenging, hilarious and just plain hard work.  On the days when you see and feel the rewards, the joy can be overwhelming.  On the days when you experience the lows, that too, can be overwhelming.  As a homeschool mom, I have added one more job to my list of “mom” jobs. (Mom jobs: doctor, nurse, teacher, tutor, referee, chef, housekeeper, arbitrator, counselor, etc.  If you are a mom, you know the list is long!) But voluntarily I added one more, because apparently  those 100 other jobs just weren’t enough. LOL.  Educating my children has enriched and strengthened our relationship.  And I feel blessed that Allah has allowed me the opportunity to do it.

It has been a journey.  I hope to share my journey, lessons and resources as both an educator and mom.  I look forward to you sharing with me as well. InshaaAllah (God willing) we will learn and grow together!

May Peace and Blessings be (forever) upon you and your family. Ameen.


Free Giveaway from Umm Maimoonah ends September 20th!!!

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Islamic Studies Curriculum Review by “Teacher Mabid”

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Free ebook from “A Muslim Homeschool!”

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Gateway to Arabic Scrapbook part 3 — a muslim homeschool

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Why should Muslims Homeschool?

Q. Why should Muslims homeschool? A. The immorality, bullying, Islamophobia and violence that plague many of our schools are neither conducive to learning or developing Islamic character and values.  That is the short answer to a complex question. When cities arrange special police patrols to help children safely arrive and leave school . Or when … Continue reading